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Baby Bunting – the beginnings

Gosh, I have been busy.

Part of my original mission statement (eurgh, I’m going to have to find some better way of referring to this.  List-o-stuff sounds too nautical to me but it’s all my brain is flinging up) was that I wanted to make some bunting for the Baby’s room.  It has only taken me a few months to sort out the fabric, find a bit of cardboard, cut it into a template, cut the fabric very roughly and spray it with spray starch.  When I write it like that, it does sound like a lot of hard work, doesn’t it?  It does, doesn’t it.  Yes, glad you agree.

When I was in Dublin last year with husband and baby, we walked past a lovely fabric shop and I popped in to find a really cute roll of fabric with a Japanese doll pattern on it.  I bought a couple of metres and decided that I would make some canvases for the wall (done! hooray!) and also some bunting too.  Well, it’s only 8 months since then, you can forgive me for being a little slow.  But ignore all that now!  I cut out a couple of the dolls to use in the bunting – i’ll hopefully do some more, but these are the starting points, can’t rush things now:

 Here she is – the Little Green Lady.  How cute is she?  Look at her little heart shaped mouth and wee rosy cheeks. And her matching bobbles in her bunches!  ah, lovely.

Anyway, I cut around her on the fabric, making a rectangular piece of.. um… fabric.  It’s pretty tightly cropped as this was a left over piece from making the canvases but I’ve figured that it means I haven’t wasted it so it is worth a go.

Look at the bamboo print! SO CUTE.

Can you tell i’m trying to fill in the space? I’m new to this blogging, what can i say.  I’m trying to fill in the gaps as i go.



Tum te tum… Space! hooray.

After I cut out the first doll, I decided to go for broke and cut out the second doll.  And here she is!

And isn’t she cute too?  Heart shaped mouth? Check. Rosy cheeks? Double check.  And cute bamboo printed brightly coloured kimono?  Ah, definitely check.

The colours in these two dolls, and the others on the roll of fabric that I haven’t yet cut out (due to slight nerves withThe Scissors of Doom and fear of ruining the lovely fabric), gave me a bit of inspiration with the bunting.  Why would i stick with boring old gingham or flowers when instead I could buy random bits of fabric that were brightly coloured?  Then I could jazz up the baby’s room, and have a bit of fun while I was at it.

So on I searched for some lovely bright bits of fabric to use.


Oooh, here they are – all cut into triangles and arranged in an arrangement in an attempt to make them look arty:


The purple gingham, light blue disc fabric and purple mottled fabric are fat quarters, bought from The Peacock and The Tortoise in Perth which has a fantastic range of fabric.  Really beautiful collection, everything from gingham fat quarters to big chunky bolts of The Hungry Caterpillar fabric.  Beautiful.

The other two pieces I bought from The Blue Magpie in Dunkeld.  I don’t think there is a website, but it is a lovely Nice Things Shop.  I bought a card and notebook for my cousin there as well as the fabric, and believe me when I say I could happily have spent a fortune in there.  The only thing that stopped me was my father looking on incredulously as I picked up various nicknacks and bits of fabric and this that and the other.

The red fabric caught my eye first of all:

I have (really roughly) cut it into a triangle here, but you can see the repeating flower pattern.  So bright, so geometric, so flowery.

It’s slightly retro too, I think. 

Anyway, I like the way the flowers face both up and down, as that means that there is no right or wrong way.  That’s what I tell myself anyway, hoping fervently that it’s not going to look wonky on the bunting.

Anyway, the next piece of fabric I found in The Blue Magpie was this lovely yellow:

I’ve taken a close up here so that you can see the pattern on the fabric and not look at the badly cut edges.  I love the pattern and detail in the birds and dragonflies. 

The colour is closer to mustard than bright yellow.  Hopefully this isn’t going to be too dowdy in the bunting when it is finished. 

Actually, the plan is to not really care if it’s dowdy or not because the riot of colours from the other triangles and the colours from the Japanese dolls will hopefully make this sing a bit more. Ah, it’s all in the finger crossing and hope.

So that is the progress to date.  You’ve seen the fabric, you’ve seen the machine.  All I need to do is attach the coloured fabric to the backing fabric (a hastily hacked up sheet that doesn’t fit any of our beds) and then attach the pieces together.



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