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My machine in a box

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy/not done anything crafty/not bothered to do anything so had nothing to blog about.

but that is all going to change! yes, i’ve been motivated to blog again by the fact that my husband has done a very good deed indeed and painted my sewing-machine-in-a-box.  No before photos unfortunately, but here are some afters:

The Box

Scuse the bin in the background… it’s a heavy old thing and i didn’t want to (couldn’t be bothered) to move it before taking the photos.

See the sturdy brown legs.  and the newly painted body.  It weighs about 500 tonnes and is incredibly awkward.  but inside that big square tummy is…

The door opens out and has a very neat storage shelf for The Scissors Of Doom.  These have to be the biggest, rustiest yet sharpest scissors I’ve ever seen.  Anyway, I have also stuffed some thread in there to keep the scissors company.

There’s a big storage area in the body of the cupboard – here you can see I have carefully shoved the instructions, footpedal, assorted bits and pieces and things.  All very orderly.  There is a shelf inside for more stuff storage too.  Huzzah.

Anyway, enough about the inside – can you see the interesting hole on top?  well, that ingeniously folds out into:

Ta-DAH! The machine! It rises from the depths of the BEAST, emerging into the world like a sewing machine venus.  (again, scuse the bin.  I wasn’t intending on doing the photoshoot…)

I got a little bit overexcited with the camera at this point, rush of blood to the lens so to speak. So here are some close ups.  I haven’t cleaned the machine so there must be decades of grub layering this.  Ho hum, never mind, it works, that’s all that counts. 

Right – here’s a close up

So this is where most of the grime is… But ignore that for the time being.  Look – here are some knobs and levers.  And twiddly bits.  Hark at my technical knowledge. 

Next close up:

Rust and needle.  Lovely. But this is the business bit and it works and that is all that counts.

So that is that – the Machine In A Box (aka The Beast) has been opened.  Time to start getting creative I think.








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