In at the deep end?

No photos today, just some musings…

Yesterday the tiddler and I had a day out with a friend in the big smoke, and managed to make a detour to John Lewis’s haberdashery department.  Thankfully (for my bank balance) I was only able to spend 15 minutes there, otherwise I would have bought a huge amount of fabric and bits and bobs.  As it was, I decided to buy some fabric. 

For a specific purpose.  For dressmaking purposes.

So far, the only time I’ve bought fabric has been to either make cushion covers or the embryonic bunting.  The cushion covers tend to involve fat quarters sewn together, with no measurements or cutting really required.  And the bunting is still at an early stage but so far has only involved me cutting round a triangular template. 

What did I buy?  I bought 1.5metres worth of lightweight dusky pink corduroy which I will hopefully be turning into a pinafore for the tiddler and (depending on what is left) a skirt for moi.


I have patterns to follow.  I have The Scissors of Doom.  I just need to build up a bit of courage and make the first cut…

wish me luck!


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