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Bunting Breakthrough! (ie – it’s finished)

Finally, finally, I’ve finished the bunting.  I have still to hang it up in the appropriate location in the house but I have finally finished it.

The Gigantic Sewing Cupboard has been relocated to a wee space at the top of our stairs, right underneath a rooflight with fantastic light and fantastic views (for when i need a bit more distraction from a job in hand…)

Here it is! (scuse the sandals. I was getting ready to wedge myself into the only-just-big-enough gap between the sewing Cupboard and the wall)

I love this space – somewhere just to sew and a great use of a pretty unused space too. 

So, once I managed to get the machine installed (thanks muchly to the Husband for doing the heavy lifting!) and wedged into position, I got cracking on piecing together the bunting.  I had ironed the pieces again to make sure they were flat and looked as neat as possible.  I put wrong side to wrong side before stitching


 I had to pin them together as I really wasn’t sure i could trust my ability to sew straight.  I also had to get the instructions out yet again as I had forgotten how to insert the bobbin.  As I have said, I’m an amateur…

Once pinned together, I bit my lip, crossed my fingers and started to sew.  It went fairly well.  I sewed all of the bunting triangles together, then managed to turn them inside out and admired my handiwork.  Hurrah.  Next step was adding the ribbon.  Up until this point, I could back out at any point – i could decide that i was just making a series of flags and then leave them alone.  But stitching them to the ribbon meant that I was actually making bunting. 

But I got over myself and pinned the fabric to the ribbon

The next step was to make free and liberal use of the zig-zag stitch

With varying degrees of success.

And then, before I knew it, I was done.  I had sewn all the pieces to the ribbon, managed not to get any the wrong way round and it looks pretty good. 


When I’ve put it up on the wall, I’ll take another picture.  But for now, I have quite a feeling of pride.  I sewed something! it looks pretty nice!

I showed the bunting to my Gran yesterday.  She told me “I didn’t think YOU could do something nice like this” which, from her, is high praise indeed.









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