Did somebody mention cake?

I have forgotten to update about The Baking.  Oh yes, the baking.  I loves it.  I love combining egg, butter, flour, whisks and bowls and heating it all up and getting a cake or a biscuit or another cakey-bakey-biscuity thing out of it all.


It was my daughter’s first birthday on Saturday, and in preparation for the event, I baked.  I baked so much that I caused myself a shattered-baker’s injury (grated my thumb when making carrot cake fairy cakes.  Le Sob).  But do you know what?  I loved it.

So…what did I bake?  Loads.  I had a partyette on the Friday for The Baybeh and two baby friends (plus their mums.  don’t worry, i wasnt left wrangling three tiddlers on my own.  heaven forbid – how terrifying would that be? don’t answer that…).  Anyhoo – this is what I baked (and where from):

  • Cheesy bready straw things – came from Gill Rapley’s Baby Led Weaning Cookbook. These are FANTASTIC.  see for recipes and the like.
  • Carrot muffins from the same cookbook.  These were savoury much to my surprise! ha!
  • plain butter shortcake type biscuits.  which i then slathered in icing sugar.
  • Mary Berry’s sponge cake traybake thing.  It was a fairly simple 4 egg vanilla sponge with butter cream icing on top.  But it tasted DIVINE.
  • Carrot cake muffins (huzzah, not savoury in the slightest – full of sugar just the way it should be) with cream cheese icing.  I can’t remember where i found the recipe, it was either the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook, one of my trillion Rachel Allen recipe books or Nigella Lawson’s How To Be a Domestic Goddess.  Tasted fab-you-luss anyroad.

I didn’t manage to take many photos, but I did get one of the birthday cake.  Now, I come from a “more is more” school of cake decoration.  If i can add icing to something, i’ll add it. and then maybe a bit more.  and possibly another sort of decoration.  and text.  and a candle.  and a few biscuits. and… 

here it is! 

I blanked out the Baybeh’s name, that’s not a perfect rectangle of royal icing…

Anyway – we’ve just finished eating the cake.  it really was lovely.  I may have to bake another one soon…




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