Sob, wail, gnash of teeth (aka cutting out the pattern)



Gnash of teeth.

Last night I carried on cutting out the pink corduroy for the tiddler’s dress. I started cutting it out a fortnight or so ago, managed to cut out the front and back pieces and ran out of time before reaching the inner facings. So I tidily packed away the patterns, cut out fabric and uncut fabric. And the scraps too.

Can you see where I am going with this yet?

Last night I pulled it all out again and decided to cut out the facings. I remembered there were scraps, found one and realised it was big enough for one of the facings. So merrily pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut it out.

Any idea yet where I’m going now?

Once I’d cut out one of the facings, I reached for the pile of scraps to cut out the rest. Only, it wasn’t the pile of scraps.

It was the “pile” of already-cut dress pieces.

Yes. I cut up one of the already cut out pieces.

Le sob.

Thankfully there was enough fabric for me to recut the back dress piece I had HACKED up as well as cut out the remaining facings. But my god it was annoying.

Next time, I’m going to label EVERYTHING.



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