I managed to screw up a mini blanket. yes really.

p>I should rename this blog “knitty no and no” or “knitty woe and woe” to be completely accurate.  What with my near misses with cakes and cutting up fabric that shouldn’t be cut up…


The original plan was to make a mini blanket for the child.  I had some raspberry pink wool left from when i knitted her a cardigan about 18 months ago and i decided it was time to use it up.  by making a mini blanket.  it would be easy!  i told myself that.  So easy – all i needed to do would be cast on some stitches, knit till it looked like it could just about cover her knees, and then cast off.

but i got a bit carried away when casting on the stitches.  and lost track.  it was taking me about 20 minutes to knit a row, but i told myself it was because i was getting sidetracked by Being Human or watching repeats of Doctor Who. 

it wasn’t.  it was because i’m a bit of a dolt.

last night, i went for it – i deicded the time was right to cast off.  it looked like it was going to be the right size for covering her knees and i was getting a bit bored.  and had run out of Doctor Who on the Sky+.  So i duly cast off (caught off?  casted off?  i’m clearly not a knitter, i don’t know all the lingo. CAST ME OUT knitting community, I DON’T DESERVE TO BE PART OF YOU!!”) and that’s when i realised what had happened.



i’d made a really bad mistake.  this mini blanket was too long and too narrow.  it is useless.  i’ve knitted it really well,


but unless i can wear it like a snood


or convince my daughter to wear it like a toga, it’s still useless.  and i can’t bring myself to rip it out and start again because i’m BORED of it now.


i don’t really know what to do with it. perhaps one day when i’m bored i will have a flash of inspiration and realise what to do with it. until then, i’ll wrap it around my daughter when she isn’t looking.


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