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Sparkles and Wings – a fairy costume for toddlers

As promised, another post. This time, it is about SEWING. I am not sewing as much as i’d like because i’m struggling to get along with my “new” sewing machine. Did i tell you about it? i’m sure i did. Anyway, it’s another freebie (this time it was from the work Freecycle site) but it came without any instruction book and try as i might, i can’t find one on the internet anywhere and can’t figure out where i’m going wrong. I’ve taken to randomly moving knobs and levers and it’s getting me completely tangled up in thread to the point where the top line of stitching looks ok but underneath, the bobbin thread isn’t catching the top thread so the top thread is looping wildly and excessively underneath. i think for every stitch i’m probably using up about 30cm of top thread. gah.

Anyway, apart from those woes, i have been doing some stitching and sewing. I bought The Great British Sewing Bee book and it is BRILLIANT. it has a load of patterns, helpful hints and tips and is easy to follow. i’ve made a toile (Get me!) for a tunic style top but because of my issue with the sewing machine and no idea where to get nice fabric, i’ve hit a bit of a sewer’s block and i’m not sure where to go with it.

So… (Sew… ahahahaha!) i’ve made two sparkly fairy costumes for children instead. the first one i made was for The Child for her birthday (photos below) and the second was for a friend’s 4 year old. Both of them were fairly simple to make, but incredibly time consuming because i hand stitched.

construction: one skirt, one top, one ribbon for decoration.
skirt:turquoise sequin top layer, then turquoise lining for the bottom layer
top: turquoise lining and turquoise netting for the wings.

simple bubble skirt. i started to write out instructions on how to do this, but then realised that i’d just cobbled it together from some online tutorials so really wouldn’t suggest following what i’ve done! there are loads of online tutorials though, so have a quick search and you’ll be fine.

this is easier! i measured from belly button to shoulder, doubled it. then also measured shoulder to shoulder. cut it out which left me with a long rectangle. folded it in half, sewed up the sides a little bit. cut into the fold a slash for the neckhole and there you go! i also nicked two holes in the front and back and ran a ribbon through them to act as a sort of decoration/waist cincher/way to keep the top anchored onto the toddler.

top (front)

on the back of the top i stitched on two wings. and how did i make these wings? i folded up quite a lot of netting, cut about a toddler’s arm-length and then sewed this to the top. then i hacked into the netting to make them a bit more floaty and wing like.

top (wings)

and the end result is:


The child isn’t 100% convinced she likes it yet… but she did shout “PRINCESS DRESS!” the first time i showed her it, so hopefully she will try it on at least once…


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