The Post where I tell you all about the Baking I’ve done

There have been a few birthdays, family visits and days which deserved an “ah, what the heck, i’m going to bake”. Sadly, i’ve not that many photos, but i did have a lot of fun baking and eating.

First things first, I can share a picture or two of the Birthday Cake made for the child’s second birthday. Yes, she is two. TWO! you’d hardly believe it’s been (just over) a year since one of the first posts written on the blog. I decided that seeing as last year’s square cake worked out well when it came to cutting equal chunks for people, i would replicate it with a tiny little twist. A bit of pink food colouring in the cake batter, swirled around a bit (but not too much) added a little bit of interest into an otherwise standard plain vanilla sponge cake. So, here it is:


And, cut open to see the slight marbling effect:

The inside of the cake
The inside of the cake

In addition to this cake (which tasted lovely), i’ve also been baking:

1. Mary Berry’s pinwheel biscuits. One layer of vanilla biscuit, one layer of chocolate biscuit, rolled up and then cut into slices = pinwheel biscuits. These are quite complicated to construct. Well, when i say complicated i mean “it takes ages”. The recipe itself is simple and they taste marvellous. However, there’s quite a bit of dough-chilling required, plus rolling out the two layers to the same size and rolling together takes a bit more dexterity than i have. It’s worth it though, they look really cool!

2. Plain vanilla biscuits. Bit of a standard recipe here, butter, plain flour, egg, sugar, vanilla and a bit of elbow grease. huzzah.

3. Vanilla fairy cakes with butter cream icing. It’s just as well i didn’t take a photo of these – the icing was hideous! i just cannot for the life of me figure out how to pipe properly. i may just resort to slathering buttercream on with a palette knife instead now.

I baked everything a few times and each time they tasted a tiny bit better. Hooray! Huzzah!


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