UPDATES coming soon!

I have a few things to update you with!  i’ll write up a list and then over the next few days/weeks i’ll load up a wee blog for each of them.  so, what have i been up to?  well…

1) i finished the Unidentified Knitted Object.  it’s now a Thing of Unusual Appearance and has been presented to my nephew.  he was only 5 weeks old when he first saw it, i’m sure he’ll grow to like it or at least tolerate it being around…

2) i made another toy roll, for my older nephew this time.  perfect for his tractooooors!

3) i made a little handy radio pocket for my dad. 

4) if i can get the photos downloaded, i’ll show you the rainbow birthday cake i made for my mum. 

i’ve been busy, crafting and sewing away, and i’m starting to think of a few ideas for christmas too so will hopefully be able to update as i go along with those.  expect mass panic, flustered blog posts and a few tantrums painfully transcribed for posterity.



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