toy car wrap

While i’m on a roll…

all wrapped up
all wrapped up

I promised to blog about the toy car roll i made for my older nephew. he was two while we were down visiting and i thought that as part of a birthday present and part of a “you have a baby brother! here’s something nice to play with for you!”, i would make him a toy wrap and put in a few cars. Although i had a daft (i thought it was inspired, i was wrong) thought that i’d put in a couple of tractors as i knew he loved them. TRACTOOOOOOOORS! he loves tractors. the daft idea was around the type of tractors i bought. they were little die-cast type tractors with little trailers they could be attached to by dint of a tiny, tiny, ridiculously tiny pin and hole. and when i mean tiny, i mean the sort of size that is too fumbly for a toddler to manage and requires constant and immediate action from a parent or nearby grown up to fix. constant. (my sister in law hid the trailers after about half an hour. i don’t blame her. i apologised A LOT for the error.)

aaaanyhoo. the wrap fared a bit better i think.

So i did my usual “pattern” with a slight alteration. that makes me sound fairly professional, doesn’t it? like i have half an idea about what i’m going to do before i start hacking away at fabric with the big sharp scissors. i’ll keep that pretence going. the difference? i decided to use a difference colour of fabric on the inside of the pockets for the cars.

material – i went for boyish this time, seeing as it was for a boy. the inside was a lovely fat quarter material with cars and roads and road signs on it, the outside a fairly muted blue and beige circle and start design. love them!

To make:
1 fat quarter of whatever fabric you like for the outside
1 fat quarter of whatever fabric you like for the inside
1 piece of totally different fabric approx 2/3 the width of the fat quarter
1 piece of wadding, about the size of a fat quarter. (i only used 1 piece as it’s a bit easier to roll up this way).

the inside and outside of the toy car wrap
the inside and outside of the toy car wrap

I cut the inside fat quarter fabric 1/3 from the end, so i had 1 piece 2/3 size and 1 piece 1/3 size. i then took the totally different piece of fabric (the 2/3 size) and folded it in half so that the “wrong side” was on top. i attached one end of it to the end of the 2/3 fat quarter and then put the other 1/3 fat quarter good side up over the top of the wrong side up totally different piece of fabric, and attched the ends together. this meant when i straightened it out, i has 2/3 one piece of material, 2/3 different, 1/3 piece of the first material. i folded it back up so that it looked like it was 1 fat quarter piece of material, but there, folded inside, was the totally different material. i then made a few stitches to hold this in place so that it formed a pocket.

inside the wrap - pocket made from different material
inside the wrap – pocket made from different material

then, after that i did the usual trick of sandwiching up the material with the wadding, stitched all around inside out bar a corner so i could then turn it all outside out again. finished off that gap and then was able to finish it.

the pocket i made, i stiched using the machine. just two straight lines to form 3 pockets, and then i let rip with my “quilting” – which is really just roaring around with the sewing machine until the noise does my head in. once i’d quilted what i wanted, i attached a bit of ribbon to the outside so that it could be tied up.



Unidentified Knitted Object – REVEALED!


So. What do you do when you’ve committed to knitting a baby blanket, or something woollen any road, and once you’ve finished (ahem. run out of wool. hem hem) it’s a bit on the small side? Well, i’m sure if you were anyone else, then you’d probably rip it up and start again (rip it up! rip it up! rip it up and start again! love a bit of orange juice in the momrning). However, i was a bit bored and a lot caught for time so i had to put the thinking cap on and figure out what on earth to do with this rectangle of beige wool.

It was too small for a blanket. I’ve made a few small sized blankets now (obviously, some with more success than others. see the pink “blanket” i blogged about earlier) that were perfect for popping on over a tiny baby in a car seat or in a pram. this was a bit too short for that.

I tried to fold it up in an origami style to make a rabbit. it was too rectangular for that. plus i just couldn’t do it.

So. i turned it into this instead:

UKO - happy to see you!
UKO – happy to see you!

It’s a peanut rabbit dog! obviously!

Basically, i had a bag of (child friendly, fire retardent etc etc) stuffing, a single afternoon and a slight sense of panic as the tools to finish off this knitted thing. so i rolled it up a little bit. then thought that if i could figure out a way of folding the top into a triangle, i could fashion a couple of ears out of the corners, then stitch it all together and might have a rabbit.

a rabbit.

please remember people, i was aiming for a rabbit.


I sewed the back of the peanut-rabbit-dog’s head up like so:

back of peanut-rabbit-dog
back of peanut-rabbit-dog

and then sewed it all the way up at the back, leaving a gap to shove lots and lots of stuffing into. i sewed the bottom of it (where i’d intended the feet to go. the feet! ah, i admire my innocence and idiocy at the thought i could fashion feet for this thing) so the finished result was sort of peanut shaped.

and then i stitched a very jolly little face to the front.


two days later i was able to present it to my newest nephew. i’m not entirely sure what he’ll make of it in the future, but at the moment i think his mum has plans to use it as a tiny little draught excluder.

peanut-rabbit-dog! hooray!

(d’you like it?)