Another “it’s been a while” post

I return from a year (more.?) of blog inaction. But I’ve still been making, baking, sewing and half heartedly knitting.  Fear not, dear reader, I will update with themed blog posts once I’ve taken pictures. The headlines are:

  • Baked cakes. Baked biscuits. Baked bread successfully for the first time ever.
  • last Christmas I made some fabric chains as decorations, this year I’ve made more. Have also made a tree decoration in the shape of a stocking.  Go me.
  • i sewed a fabric one room doll’s house for my daughter’s third birthday. I admit this was difficult. I cried, a lot, making this. She has never played with it.
  • i sewed my first top AND WORE IT. In public. Yeah, I did that.
  • I made a Frozen type dressing up outfit for my daughter. She BEGGED me to make it and the first parts were made by sewing turquoise fabric around her while she sang “do you want to build a snowman” at top volume. Second bits were added with her bellowing MORE SEQUINS at me. She cried the first time I made her wear the outfit. I think I need a new recipient for these things.
  • i have also been making a baby (32wks and counting) woo!
  • i adapted a pair of normal jeans into maternity jeans. Apart from a bit of swearing, this was fairly simple to do.
  • I’ve made a new travel changing mat. I am SO ready for the new baby now.
  • finally, I’ve made two armchair organisers for my gran so that she can stop hanging plastic bags off the end of her chairs.

All busy here then.  More posts to follow!

(if anyone is reading this, please do pop a comment on the blog. I love talking to myself but it’s more fun if I’m talking to someone else too!)


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