Sewing Projects

Armchair Organiser

I had the foresight to take some pictures before wrapping my gran’is Christmas present, so can proudly show you the armchair organisers I made for her.  Hooray!

Gran tends to hang plastic bags off the end of her armchair arms, shoves important things down the side of the chair cushion or in one of the many handbags that she keeps about her person. Mostly this results in a lot of rummaging about for her pen or bag of sweets or remote control. My dad suggested that an organiser with pockets could be useful, I agreed and then panicked a bit about how to make it.

This is how I made it:

  • I measured the length of material I would need. This was one side of the armchair, over the top of the arm, down again, across the seat of the chair and then up, over and down the other arm. I genuinely can’t remember the length but it was about 1.5metres all in, including seam allowance (guffaw! I sound like I know what I’m on about!). The organiser will go under the cushion of the seat so that it can be anchored in pl
  • iace.
  • width, I went for about 40cm. Enough for a wide enough pocket and about the width if the armchair arm.
  • i doubled the width (plus a wee bit) so that the material would be double sided. I planned to use the same oilskin like cloth as the changing mat to make sure the organiser could be kept clean more easily.
  • once the material was cut, I folded it over right side to right side. I sewed around one width and one length, leaving an open end so I could turn the material right side out again.
  • Once turned right side out, I tucked the edges of the open width in and pinned. To make sure the stitching was secure, I sewed all the way round the edge of the organiser, it neatened the edges up and closed off the previously open end width.
  • to add pockets, I cut extra panels of fabric, single sided. I matched the width of the organiser, plus an extra cm all the way round so that I could stitch it to the organiser. To give a clean edge to the top of the pocket, I added bias binding. Once that was added, I pinned the pocket to the organiser, firstly by pinning the bottom edge of the pocket to the bottom of the organiser, then I could flip it up, tuck in the sides of the pocket and pin again. Then I stitched around the pocket (apart from the bias bound top edge obvs).
  • repeat for other end – v important to make sure the pockets are on the same side of the organiser. V important that…
  • done! Simple! Repeat in another colour!

the Pictures:

this is the organiser lovingly draped over and armchair.

Organiser pocket

Showing double sided nature of the organiser. Ooh.


The other organiser, pocket can be identified by the different coloured bias binding. Nice touch, isn’t it? Totally intentional…


The end. Time to wrap it now! (And hope that it passes muster from the fussiest person on earth. Merry Christmas, Gran.)


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