Armchair organiser- the verdict!

I saw Gran a few days into the new year, circumstances meant i couldn’t visit before, and hesitantly handed over her Christmas present. Once unwrapped, she looked at the organisers, looked at me, then said:

“What’s this?”

i explained it was an organiser, to put under the cushion of her chair with the ends draped over the arms, there were handy pockets for keeping her TV remote, boiled sweets and various items of importance in. There was silence.

“oh,” she said, “I was just going to tape some plastic bags to the end of the armchair. I suppose this could be better.”

then, after peering at the organisers and trying one out, she said:

“where did you buy this?”

“I made them myself, gran” I said, full of pride.

“YOU made them?” Cue more peering “I didn’t think you’d have it in you. Are you sure someone didn’t help you?” She started to test out the strength of the pockets and seams. “Hmmmmm.  They’re ok. Who’d have thought you could make this. Hmmmmm. That’s nice.”

In case you were wondering, that was a positive reaction. Oh the lolz we have.


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