Wash bag!

First day of maternity leave and I decided to make a wash bag to put into my hospital bag in a neat attempt to waste time and pretend to be prepared for imminent birth. Job done! It took me about two hours to make all in, including time spent watching Cake Boss on TV.

Firstly, I rounded up the various off cuts from the armchair organiser. I had a few bits from the red material, a few from the green but none of them were the perfect size really for a pouch style bag. I’d read a lot of blogs and tutorials on simple, zipped pouches but as I’ll need to fill the wash bag with a load of essential/useless things, I wanted a more triangular stand on it’s own feet type bag. Again, I found a few tutorials that suggested cutting fabric with fancy triangle bits but it confused me so I ignored them.  And this is what I did:

fabric assortment:


these are the off its that I had to work with. I decided to make the green the sides of the bag and then have a strip of red at the bottom and then cut two triangles of red fabric for each side.


Here’s the cut fabric. I’ll just make it clear here that as usual, I didn’t measure out the size of the bag. I just looked at the size of the biggest bit of green fabric and cut it in half. Then the cut the red strip to the required length. Width decided on by virtue of it sort of looking right. The triangles then were cut to the width of the red strip and cut into triangles to match the height of the big green bits.

Once I had cut the fabric, I started to pin the pieces together. First of all, I pinned the three red sections together. The pinned the long red strip to the bottom of one of the green pieces. Next step was to pin a zip in place. I’ve been using up a stash of zips that came with the Sewing Machine In The Cupboard so wasn’t exactly overrun with choice of zip length. I took care (I know! Me! Ha ha ha!) to place it so that there was equal space either side of the zip. It’s shorter than the overall width of the bag but I’m happy enough with that, it hopefully means that things won’t spill out as easily when I inevitably knock it over in hospital. Anyway, back to pinning. I folded over a very small hem all the way along the top width of one green section, then pinned this, right side up, on top of the zip. This meant there wasn’t going to be a raw edge all the way along. I pinned the other side on too and decided that GULP it was time to sew.

sewing it together was actually really simple. I just took it slowly, made sure I kept the fabric steady and it was finished really quickly.  End result:


Ok, ok, it’s a bit wobbly. But look! It stands up!


This is from the bottom, also showing the side. I like the contrast of red and green apples. Loves them apples.


And heres the opening. I had thought about lining the bag, but then gave myself a bit of a shake and decided that life is too short, I have literally NO patience any more, and really, I don’t need to line a wash bag. So it’s unlined, but I REALLY like it. Functional! Bright! Finished!

what do you think?


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