When a project doesn’t really work…

What do you do when a project doesn’t really work out for you?

i was SO pleased with the Bina wrap thing I made a few months ago (feels like longer! It’s a whole human person’s lifespan AND MORE ago!) and had plans to use it ALL THE TIME. I just knew that this wrap would look really glamorous and classy and stylish and would transform me into one of those people other people stop to ask “I LOVE that wrap, where did you get it from?” And I’d be able to say, after swishing my hair over one shoulder in a stylish manner, “oh THIS? I made it myself”.


there was something niggling away at me right from when it was completed. It didn’t sit quite right, something about the length or the arm holes didn’t look right. I told myself it was because of the gigantic baby bump I was sporting at the time, and put the wrap away to try again once the baby was born.

He has been here just over two months now and i had another try of the reps at the weekend. The lack of bump didn’t make a jot of difference, sadly. There was still something not quite right about the length. And the armholes were not right, even though I’d followed the instructions. I tried to wear it in different ways but no matter what I tried it still just looked like a heap of fabric draped over me in an unstylish and slightly haphazard manner.

i don’t have enough endless supplies of fabric to just leave this wrap bundled in the deepest corner of my sewing cupboard. And nor do I really want to – I love the purple colour. So I’ve decided that I’m going to make another top with it. Reusing the material I like in a pattern that is more wearable seems like a much more sensible thing to do.

At first I thought this was a failed project, but now I’m more inclined to think of it as a chance to see how resourceful I can be.  Wish me (lots) of luck!


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