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I’m making THE Easy Sew Skirt

Who else is inspired by “Me Made May”? I’m really inspired by the bloggers I see who have signed up to this and feel that whilst I’m not quite at the point where I can join in with “Me Made May”, one day I hope to have a small collection of clothes that a) I made and b) are actually wearable.

To kick start this, I thought I’d have a go at making something simple. A skirt! What could be simpler! So I turned to my trusty copy of “Sew Your Own Wardrobe” from the Great British Sewing Bee. See the skirt, read the instructions, make a pattern (once I realised after 20 minutes of looking at the paper patterns provided and rereading the instructions that I had to make the pattern…), cut the fabric and boom! Skirt!

Not *that* simple sadly. Like many other bloggers before me, I realised the dimensions given in the book (page 98) were totally wonky. I couldn’t make the pattern work on the dimension of fabric provided. Couldn’t work. No matter how I laid the pieces. No matter how many tiny hot tears of frustration I cried over the (now sodden) fabric. It just would. Not. Work. So I did what everyone else does, I googled and found the answer. It wasn’t me that was wrong! Oh frabjous day! The book was wrong.

The actual dimensions to cut out of the skirt piece are:

fold fabric, measure from the fold 17cm top and 22cm bottom, draw diagonal line from top to bottom. This, once unfolded, gives you a skirt piece of 34cm top and 44cm bottom. From then on it has been simple.

SO FAR. For this is a work-in-progress post. I always forget to take pictures until right at the end so thought that I’d do a WIP post for the first time.


Here is the fabric – -a lovely green  fabric with yellow lines on it. Saw the fabric and thought it would be perfect for the skirt. Here’s hoping…

The pattern calls for 4 skirt pieces to be cut, along with possible 2 waistband pieces (still not convinced I’ve got the right number). After a lot of time with my cutting wheel, I managed to mostly neatly cut out the pieces.


The book instructions suggest you make the pattern out of a newspaper page. I had no newspaper handy – there was a flurry of recycling just before I started which ruled that option out. But I do have quite a lot of paper chart pattern paper and some pattern plastic which I decided to make use of. I’ll keep the pieces to make more skirts, assuming I can pull this one off. Otherwise they will be recycled and never mentioned again. 


And now the final picture – the “where I got to before I started blogging this evening” picture. I’ve pinned all four skirt pieces together in readiness for sewing.  I’ll need to take a bit of a run up at it and hope with a fair wind and a napping baby I’ll be able to get this done in the next…ooh…year or so.



4 thoughts on “I’m making THE Easy Sew Skirt

  1. This looks great so far! I planned on making this but for the life of me I cannot seem to find the pattern on any of the 5 pages that came with the book!! Driving me crazy! But hope it turned out well!

    1. Don’t worry – there isn’t a pattern! It’s not on any of the sheets, instead the instructions tell you how to make the pattern. But be warned – the dimensions in the book are wrong and it’s a bit confusing to make. I ended up just searching online for other blogs to tell me how to sort it all out!

      The skirt turned out well in the end, and I’ve worn it. It’s maybe a little bit full and I could do with only 3 panels instead of 4 if I make it again.

      Thank you for commenting in the blog, hope you enjoyed reading it!

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