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Yes, I did make another skirt this weekend…

I promised the four year old a skirt. So I made her a skirt. Just like that.  I told her to choose the material and I’d make her skirt. After a bit of rifling around, She found some fabric in my stash that I bought around two years ago but hadn’t any idea what to use it for. Really sweet elephants trumpeting in rows. I decided to use a different piece of material for the waistband as a bit of a feature and because it would be a bit softer round her waist.

after the experience of last time, I made my own pattern. This time, I just measured her waist, halved it and used that as top measurement for the pattern panel. I measured her from tummy to knee and used that as the drop length of the skirt, cut out the patter, cut out the fabric (4x panel) and then cut out the waist band – 2 pieces each the measurement if her waist. EASY PEASY.

Sewing the seams was a doddle. Sewing the waistband to the top edge of the skirt was simple. But yet again, making the casing for the elastic (top edge of waistband folded over to top edge of skirt) was a nightmare. Yet again the fabric bunched and twisted. I really couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I asked online for help and someone suggested that the material needed to be cut on the bias in order to stop twisting. The BIAS?! The instructions said nothing about bias. Harrumph. I solved the issue by using approximately 8,000 pins which stopped most of the bunching and twisting. Next time, I’ll figure out what cutting on the bias means. And maybe even do it…

anyway, elastic was threaded through with minimal fuss this time and it’s been finished off, a complete piece of clothing someone could wear.  Hurrah!


Tarrumpty trumpetting elephants with polka dot waistband.


Both skirts, finished.


3 thoughts on “Yes, I did make another skirt this weekend…

    1. Thank you!
      Don’t be afraid of using the machine. I made cushion covers for aaaages to get used to using the machine and then once I could thread it and not make too much of a mess I just got started. Sometimes with more ambition than skill but I enjoyed it anyway.

      Happy sewing! Give it a go!

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