A spot of baking

I promised baking in the blurb of my blog, but I rarely blog about it. It’s normally because I either forget to take a photo or the baking doesn’t last long enough to be photographed!

but first thing this morning, while the baby was being entertained by his dad and his sister, I went into overdrive and made some fruit scones and a round of soda bread. And they look delicious!


I used the Mary Berry Best Ever Scones recipe similar to this one although I used only one egg and I also added sultanas and cut 20 scones out of the dough. I love this recipe – it’s easy and the scones are so light. Glorious.


I could easily eat eight of them right now….

soda bread

i use Rachel Allen’s soda bread recipe from her Bake cook book. It’s super easy, and I modify it slightly. I use the standard 225g of plain flour, 225g whole meal flour, 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda. I use a tiny finger scoop of soft butter rather than 25g and I use one carton of buttermilk (about 290ml) mixed with 1 egg rather than the amount she specifies in the recipe as I find it too wet otherwise. Sometimes i substitute plain white yoghurt for the buttermilk. She also says bake in 225* oven for 15 minutes first but I only got for 10 as my oven runs at its own speed, but I do leave in at 200*

for the full 30 minutes specified in her recipe.

the result is this





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