Bake-arama! It’s the birthday special!

It’s my annual birthday baking bonanza post. Hooray! My birthday means I get to bake what I want. As long as I can do it in between nap time, snack time, playing with toys and cooking tea, that is… And this is a short blog as the baby is currently bellowing at me from his Daddy’s arm. So I’m choking down a cup of (decaf) coffee and blogging at the same time. Go me.

first up – lime yoghurt cake. Used Mary Berry’s Lemon Yoghurt Cake recipe but with lime instead. Is YUM but unfortunately is a bit thin… Too big a tin I think…


(Lime is for show, not actual decoration)

second – Norwegian cinnamon bun things from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess. GORGEOUS recipe


Dont be alarmed by the burnt bits, is totally edible. Burny bits are actually the egg wash glaze on top. This smells beautiful. And with a metric tonne or there abouts of butter and lots of cinnamon, it should do!


Happy birthday to meeeee!


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