Winging it almond biscuits

I decided at 9pm tonight that I would make some biscuits. Almond biscuits. Because… I’m not entirely sure why it had to be almond, to be honest. I baked the sponge for a birthday cake earlier today and decided to have biscuits to accompany it and just settled on almonds. But no recipe to use.  That’s as much thought that I’m capable of this week – the baby has just cut his first tooth (see Havekidswillrun, my running blog for this week’s RUN FAIL) and I am shattered.

Time was slipping away so I just googled almond biscuit recipes. Came up with one and started to bake.  But I didn’t agree with the recipe. It called for approximately a thimble full of flour, handful of ground almonds and a sack of sugar. And two egg whites. And some butter. (Amounts approximated for effect). Only I couldn’t be bothered to separate out the egg and it was only a matter of time before the baby woke so I just bunged in two full eggs. And ended up with a runny recipe.


So I added things.  Like much, much more flour. And a lot more ground almonds. And some icing sugar. Then more flour and almonds. Until the mixture stopped being runny and started looking like biscuit dough.

i then spooned little heaps out and stuck a whole almond in the middle


And now for my close up….


The original recipe called for 8-10 minutes in a 160* fan oven. I ended up with peelly-wally biscuits. So whacked it up to 175* and kept them in till they started to turn golden at the edges.


Some more golden than others….

but do you know what? They taste lovely. I got 19 biscuits out of this Frankenstein recipe and the baby didn’t wake up (much). I call that a BAKE WIN in my books.


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