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Maternity top to comfy baby trousers!

I blew the dust off the sewing machine and made something today. Wooo! well, I did the sewing today, the cutting out and hard thinking I did a good few weeks ago. But never mind that, I made a thing! With the sewing machine!

Aaaaanyhoo. The idea came about from me sorting out my maternity clothes. I don’t need them so decided it was time to try and sell them on (if anyone wants to buy them, that is). While sorting them out I realised that my favourite top had seen much better days. I loved this top, and wore it LOADS and somehow ended up staining it when doing some cleaning, so it wasn’t fit for passing on. And I was Really sorry to see it go. So I decided to try and make something with it.  After a bit of hard thinking, I hit upon the idea of using it to make some comfy trousers for the baby.  this website Make it love it baby boho leggings gave me the inspiration and how-to. Have a look! The hem of the top would make the trouser hems, so it was a matter of cutting out and doing a bit of stitching. Easy, yeah?

surprisingly… It was! I know, I’m as gobsmacked as you.

Now for the pictures:

favourite top. It was so, so cosy and comfy.

imagePattern for the trousers came from me just drawing round a pair of trousers already bought for the baby in the next size up. (Confession – he is now in this size, that’s how long it took to actually sew it all together!) i tried to place the pattern on the top so as to minimise how much of the bleach staining came through on the trousers. I think I managed to avoid it all.


I cut both sides of the trousers at the same time. Slightly wonky crotch area but…I’m not bothered!
imageI double stitched each stitch line as I was a bit concerned it might need the extra reinforcement, and the waistband is just the unfinished top folded over once, leaving a channel to thread a lace through

imageI used a lace as I had one handy but also so that I could bring the trousers in depending on whether I’ve got him in a disposable nappy or a cloth nappy. Some days are more Eco friendly than others…

imageDone! New pair of trousers for the baby.


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