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The Patternless Top

I finished a top! I started and almost finished this top over a year ago, then the baby bump and newborn days got in the way so it was left almost-but-not-quite finished state until yesterday when I finally bit the bullet and finished it off.

I bought the fabric from a discount bin in Kings Fabrics in Glasgow about 18 months ago (yes really!) and it languished in the fabric stash for a while. Then I thought about copying a top from GAP that I really liked so with great precision (not really!) I put the bought top on the fabric and drew around it, in a wobbly line. Then with a shaky hand I cut out two layers of the fabric. Then I cut the wobbliest bits off. Next step was the sleeves. I genuinely have NO recollection how I did the sleeves other than i know I wanted puffy sleeves, so must have planned it out as it’s happened.

As it was over a year ago, I assume I pinned it all together then stitched it. Double stitch along the back collar to neaten it up. And that’s how it sat, in a little almost finished bundle until yesterday.

I tried the top on and realised that there was NO WAY the top would fit because of my chest and because I hadn’t done anything fancy like darts or what have you. So I just cut down the middle of the front to about half way. Easy. I tried it on and it fitted. Woo! Next step was to finish off the raw edges round the front collar and the opening. I decided to face it – or possibly it was a half attempt at binding? I dunno. Anyway, I used some offcuts of the fabric and put right side to right side, stitched close to the edge, then folded it over and top stitched it (get me with my lingo, assuming its the right terminology…) then top stitched it again so there was a double stitch all the way around. I think it looked pretty neat. And I will wear it. Outside!

picture time:


The fabric is a sheer grey with pink butterflies. Don’t worry, I’ll be wearing a vest underneath…


A puffy sleeeeeve


Double stitching. I tried to neaten up the facing/inside fabric. But cutting it with a wobbly hand. Ach, I’m not bothered and it’s not a big deal.

I tried the top on to show my husband and he said that “it almost looks professional” which is a win in my book. Hooorah!


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