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New dress in 12 hours. Yes! really!

Last week, the four year old chose some fabric so that I could make her this pattern:


It was one that I got free in a magazine (reviewed Here back in July). I stupidly didn’t check a) how much fabric I needed and b) what size the pattern went up to. Because a) I bought 1metre but should have gone with 1.5 as the pattern needed 1.15 and b) the freebie pattern only had sizes 1,2,3 and not 4,5,6 as well. The size 3 was fine for her waist but was waaaaaaay too short.

That meant I had to adjust the pattern. Erk. Not something I had done before. I measured the girl and noted I needed an extra 5 inches (yes, mixing metric and imperial like a WINNER here) to make the dress long enough. But because I didn’t have enough fabric, and because the skirt of the dress was going to end up way too wide for her figure, I narrowed it down quite a bit. End result was a dress that fits and looks ultra cute. Top win!

It was really simple to make as well. Cutting out, including measuring and adding an extra bit to the pattern, took about 40 minutes in between lunch and going to the library for Rhyme Time for the baby. Sewing the pieces together (front, back, front facing, back facing) and doing the hem about an hour or so although that includes time spent having a cup of coffee and watching bits of a TV programme. Then this morning I did the button holes and sewed the buttons on.

I had two difficulties, first was caused in some way by amending the size of the pattern pieces. When i sewed together, I made sure to match the symbol things (I read the instructions! So unlike me) and ended up with around half an inch longer front than back. No sure how I did it, so just cut the front piece shorter to match the back before hemming. Looks fine,

second difficulty was using the button hole settings on the machine,  I’ve NEVER used these before. I practised a bit and understood what was meant to happen. Then did the first button hole.  Success! Looks lovely. But then the second button hole was just impossible to stitch. No ides why. The needle kept picking up earlier stitches, getting in a fankle and generally making a mess. I kept trying again but it just didn’t seem to work. Eventually I got a serviceable button hole stitched up but, urgh. Was not fun.

But hey, it doesn’t really matter. For I made a dress that the girl WANTS to wear. SUCCESS!

more pictures:

the fabric, bought from the Dress Fabric Company in Edinburgh, a gorgeous navy background with really vivid strawberry print


This is one of the altered pattern pieces, I used newspaper for the extra I needed


Finished dress!


If the buttons look familiar, it’s because I used them originally on a pink corduroy dress I made when the girl was about 2 years old.I blogged about it (“Let’s address the dress”) It was a poor affair, and all but fell apart after the first wash. But the buttons were still fine so waste not want not and all that jazz!

Next project will hopefully be a skirt for me.


Running not sewing

I’ve been keeping busy at the moment, not sewing (or knitting), but mostly running. Have you seen my other blog at havekidswillrun ?

I have bought some new fabric though, and have promised a new dress for my daughter and a new skirt for myself. I just need to find the time to actually cut out!