I am in actual love with my new sewing machine

This Christmas my husband gave me a new sewing machine. Not just a new-to-me sewing machine, an actual brand new new-from-a-shop sewing machine!


This is my new Husqvarna E10 sewing machine. Isn’t she beautiful?

I got it a few weeks before Christmas but wasn’t allowed (boooo!) to open it before the big day. But then we were away for Christmas so I didn’t get to open it then either. And what with one thing and another (well, mostly due to the non sleeping baby) I’ve only just this evening set it up to sew.

and OMG I love it. It was soooooo easy to thread. I had a bit of a mare with the bobbin but once I understood how the front loading bobbin works, threading the bobbin was quick enough. And it’s quiet. And efficient. And quiet.

I will blog about the skirt I’m making, but just quickly here I’ll say that I’ve whiz zed through the initial three bits of sewing. With the old machine it would have taken me FOR-EVAH to sew even that, with lots of cursing and swearing and maybe a bit of a tantrum too. But with this? Well. I cut out the fabric pieces on Monday (bank holiday in Scotland. We get the 1st AND 2nd of January off for Hogmanay because we celebrate it so much. And if they fall on weekend days we get the next working day off. Score!) and decided to sew tonight. I threaded the machine up at 9.30pm and at 9.45pm I was finishing off the third and final seam I needed to do. The majority of the time was spent marvelling at the machine, stroking it a bit and asking my husband if he could believe how quiet it was (he couldn’t).

machine in action:


Just LOOK at it. It’s so lovely.

But what will I do with my old machine? Well, I’m going to put it on freecycle like I did my machine-in-a-cupboard. I don’t need it and can’t keep it. Someone will make use of it, and hopefully with a bit of service and tlc they will learn to swear at it too.



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