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I made a skirt!

I made a skirt! It’s essentially a wearable muslin (check me out, knowing about these sorts of things. Vaguely knowing about these sorts of things) as I intend to make it again in some lovely turquoise corduroy. But I made a skirt and I will wear it to work.

the pattern is McCall’s M7022, view C. Boy, did I get confused about there being different views… Anyway, the pattern was chosen as I fancied a simple skirt to practice my mad sewing skillz on, and the fabric chosen because I bought an armful of pinstripe material from a charity shop and thought it looked suitably work like.

so here it is:


Its a simple enough skirt – one front piece, two pieces for the back, a top yoke and a zip. But I am SO proud that I not only started it, but finished it too. Because I cried over this pattern. Really, I did. I mean, some of that might have been because of the sleep deprivation and the fact that the baby (who turns 1 soon so should know better) refuses to go to sleep and stay asleep in the evenings meaning I barely have the time to plug in the sewing machine never mind use it.. But… WHere was I?


I had a few stumbling blocks.


Like here, when I was sewing in the zip and managed to break not one, but TWO needles.

Or this part of the pattern:


Steps 21 and 22 I’m just going to call the WTF bit as I had no idea what was going on. I ignored it and just carried on. Let’s pretend it wasn’t important, and move on…

(do you see the baby monitor peeking out underneath the pattern? This was in the fifteen minutes or so the baby was sleeping. He gave me a bit of time to cry over the pattern steps before deciding to ignore it).

in spite of those stumbles, I finished. I put in a skirt and top stitched the hem and the top of the yoke. It fits, a bit bumpy where the zip meets the seam if the yoke & skirt but that may be down to the weight if the zip. But honestly? It’s brilliant because I made it and finished it. Woo!

more pictures:

Next project: make the skirt in turquoise corduroy.

then I’ve got a Sewaholic Renfrew kit (present from my sister for Christmas) and I’ve some natty flamingo fabric for a short sleeve top.



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