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The world’s most frayingest top

That’s a word, right? It should be.

I made up a t shirt from the first GBSB book – simple enough pattern, only two pieces to sew together and it gives you a lovely belt skimming front with longer curved back. I’ve already worn it out once and plan to wear it again. As long as it stops fraying that is…

Because I chose a light viscosey turquoise fabric. I thought it would be nice and drapey (it is) and light (it is). I just hadn’t realised that it would be determined to fray as soon as I cut it. Blinking material with a mind of its own…

Anyway. I’m planning on turning the hemmed edges under again and stitching the frayed edges inside or under. Or maybe just burning them off, I don’t know, whichever seems easiest…

What I do know is that I am pleased with the double stitching I did without a single needle.


Photo show the stitching but not the colour. Weird.

It was a relatively quick make for me – cut and completed within the same month. Go me. And I so love it. Even if it’s trying to fray out of existence…




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