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This weekend has been all about the sewing


I made a little draw string bag for a birthday present. I even made the end of ribbon tabs. And an L for the birthday boy.

imageYou may recognise the spotty fabric from a cushion I made a thousand years ago. I bought about five kilometres of the stuff and have SO much left. I may have to start making clothes for all of us out of it…

but before I do, I made a wee top for the 5yr old. The pattern came from my head and needed a bit of adjustment. Truthfully, I based it on a t shirt my daughter wears which has a bit of room in it. I folded it in half and laid it on the folded fabric and cut out one piece, then copied it for the back but made that two pieces. If that makes ANY sense. It’s the usual three piece top. I decided that as it’s coming up to summer then sleeveless was the best idea (and also…easier. Less pieces, easier. Huzzah).

I stitched it up – shoulders first then the two side seams and the back seam – ably helped by the 5yr old who wanted to help and really, really enjoyed pressing the foot pedal. She nearly took my fingers off, but she enjoyed it. So… You know… Who needs ten fingers?  Anyway, after I stitched it up I thought it was best to try it on the child. And realised my mistake – the top I had traced it off was jersey, this fabric was not. So I had to unpick all the seams. I mean, yes, there are only three, but still. Unpick. But I did it, and then renewed them with minimal seam allowance. And then turned in the sleeve holes a tiiiiiny bit. And did the same for the front neck hole and the hem.


The back was originally going to have a button but seeing as I’d just unpicked the seams, I went for simple and folded the raw edges diagonally and top stitched to make a sort of diagonal detail.

job done.

Will she wear it? I don’t even want to guess.


(As always, apologies for the rotten photo quality. iPad plus kitchen floor plus tiredness plus taking picture late at night = what we’ve got.)


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