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A little dart here, a little taken in sleeve there…

I’ve finally finished making adjustments to a t-shirt I originally made a few months ago. It’s the same pattern as my fraying top, but in a stiff cotton fabric this time. I followed the same size, but on completion it was clear it was a little bit big. And then after losing a little bit of weight in the last few months, i put it on today and realised it was swamping me. And to be honest it just looked like a big square sack.

so i set to work. With a (very) rough idea about what to do, I put in some darts to give the sack a bit of a shape. Which worked. Huzzah. But now the neck was too wide. So I took in the neck at the shoulder sides – incidentally I am really happy about the facing and top stitching around the neck and I managed to keep this in place with taking in the neck. But taking in the neck gave me weird pumped up leg of mutton shoulders. Which really wasn’t the style I was going for. So I took in the sleeves on the top where the seam was, and ended up taking it in about 6/8 of an inch.

All of this left the sides. The big, voluminous sides. Having the darts did help with the shaping but there was still a lot of excess fabric so I took in the side by half an inch. Which was neater but not enough. So I took it in another half inch which is just about right – it leaves enough space for me to get the top on, but isn’t so loose to be unflattering.

great stuff.

some pictures to go with the waffle. You can’t really tell from the outside out pictures, but there are darts. And top stitching round the neck.


Here’s a close up of the darts


Neat. Darty.


And all the insides with the three side seams and two sleeve seams and the darts. And the neck facing. And all of today’s sewing joy.


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