Sewing block

or “why can’t I just cut the nice fabric and sew the clothes?”

I have all sorts of patterns and a pile of lovely fabric just waiting to be turned into new clothes. But can I get myself to cut the fabric? Can I get myself to commit to a pattern? Gah. No.

I’ve spent the last few nights weeks endlessly searching for “the” perfect pattern for a skirt or a top. I don’t quite know what I am looking for, and strongly suspect I already own them, but I am stuck into a loop of procrastination that is stopping me from actually making anything.

I also tell myself I’ve not got enough time to start making anything, but I say this as I waste time scrolling through pattern and fabric websites looking for patterns I probably already have… It’s not looking good, is it?

one of these days, I will bite the bullet and make something with the lovely fabric. Because if I don’t actually make anything out of it, then I’m just wasting it. And that’s possibly even worse than making something that isn’t perfect.

how do you get out of a sewing block? Any suggestions to kick me out of it?