Sewing block

or “why can’t I just cut the nice fabric and sew the clothes?”

I have all sorts of patterns and a pile of lovely fabric just waiting to be turned into new clothes. But can I get myself to cut the fabric? Can I get myself to commit to a pattern? Gah. No.

I’ve spent the last few nights weeks endlessly searching for “the” perfect pattern for a skirt or a top. I don’t quite know what I am looking for, and strongly suspect I already own them, but I am stuck into a loop of procrastination that is stopping me from actually making anything.

I also tell myself I’ve not got enough time to start making anything, but I say this as I waste time scrolling through pattern and fabric websites looking for patterns I probably already have… It’s not looking good, is it?

one of these days, I will bite the bullet and make something with the lovely fabric. Because if I don’t actually make anything out of it, then I’m just wasting it. And that’s possibly even worse than making something that isn’t perfect.

how do you get out of a sewing block? Any suggestions to kick me out of it?



2 thoughts on “Sewing block

  1. Oh no! Nothing worse than a sewing block! Do you have any garments that you’ve made previously that you love? Get them on and feel happy that you made it! It may get you out of it 😙 x

    1. Thank you! I have a few tops I have been wearing, and I love them, but I think I’ve become too caught up in finding the perfect pattern. I’ll put on my deer + doe Arum and remember how proud I was when I finished it! X

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