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Magazine review – Stitch Your Style

Last month I bought a sewing magazine. Hooray, I thought, a magazine with free patterns and lots of handy hints and tips to get my sewing mojo back (and somehow generate an extra 5 hours a day to make use of all these things).

I’m sure I’m not the only person who stands in the newsagent staring at the seemingly abundant options for hobby magazines. There are all sorts of quilting, crocheting, knitting, paper crafting, modelling, stitching and sewing magazines out there. After rifling through a good dozen or so, and discounting those that give you patterns for two dozen item but prints them all on the same page which makes me cross eyed and grumpy before even attempting to cut or trace them, I went for Stitch Your Style (June 2015 issue).


The magazine came with 3 free proper patterns:


This one I might well make for my daughter.

plus two other adult onesimage


The first set, trousers and tunic tops, look pretty… Retro. In not so nice a way. The dress pattern looks simple enough. BUT the patterns are all petite.  PETITE.

isnt that a bit of a gamble? Not all readers are going to be petite. Nor petite refuges from a 1970’s cocktail party.  I felt slightly annoyed, I should have checked the size before I bought, I know, but hadn’t expected the patterns to be so small.

In addition, the magazine itself has only been flicked through. Initial readings showed it to be quite dated, whether that’s a reflection of the free patterns or me being (un?)reasonably annoyed with it from the start I don’t know. I

I’m not going to buy it again though, there are LOADS of other magazines I can buy that looked interesting.

if I manage to use the patterns, I will blog. But at the moment this magazine gets a thumbs down from me. I’m a harsh reader and easily disappointed.