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Things got a little out of hand (aka a thank you present for a teacher)

So. E wanted to give her teacher a robot as a thank you present at the end of this school year. Only she didn’t want to just give him one. No, she wanted me to make him one. As I am a sucker for outlandish requests and generally end up falling for the pleading eyes of my child, I agreed.

My initial plans were for a modest sized robot, maybe the size of a hardback book. Nothing flash, nothing that would take me long. Just something simple and fun to say thank you.

Aha. A ha ha. Ha.

(That is hollow laughter, by the way).

I present to you: a robot. 20170611_173338


And to show the scale (before I put the feet on), here the robot is with my 2 yr old



It’s huge. Gigantic. I’ve named it what it the enormo-bot.

I hope the teacher likes it and isn’t creeped out by it.

I used fabric in my stash and followed no pattern at all.


There are two big buttons on the back and the button panel at the front has some crisp metallic paper folded inside it to give some noise effects.

The body, arms and legs are all stuffed with non flammable stuffing.

The hands are actually two clothes pegs with cardboard glued to the back of each side. Then stuffing glued on top. Then fabric sewn around. The push parts of the pegs are inside the arm.

The face was drawn by my 6 yr old.

Cardboard was use to give a bit of support and form to the body and the base of the feet.

Otherwise, it was an exercise in panic and determination. It has taken me around 6 weeks (obvs not working hard out the whole time, I’m not a mad woman) to make this behemoth and it is finally finished. 2 1/2 weeks before the end of term. Hurrah.

My 2 yr old is in love with it (much like my 6yr old is in love with her teacher, hence this symbol of love for him. Her love. Not mine. He’s a great teacher but I don’t feel as strongly about him as E) so I will make another one for him. I will intend to make it this same size so no doubt we will end up having to move house in order to have enough space for it.

Farewell enormo-bot. It’s been interesting. I hope the teacher likes you (and doesn’t run, screaming, from me in the playground)