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I’ve been Me Made Maying

on instagram. Not here.

Ive worn everything I’ve made, most of them twice now. And it’s made me realise that I need to:

1) make more clothes

2) get better at fitting my clothes

so I’ve started making a new short sleeve topwith a FULL BUST ADJUSTMENT. This is PROPER FITTING STUFF, folks. Normally I just make things too big then shove in a dart or sew side seams narrower until it fits. But no more! I want my clothes to fit, not just be “not too big”.

anyway. Ill blog the top when it’s done. But I have no photos of my Me Made May journey so far because I delete them as soon a ive put them on instagram. You should be pleased not to see them though. You see, most people doing this thing either get someone else to take the photos, use a proper camera with a clicker thing or a proper sized mirror. I’ve just been taking photos in the grubby (since cleaned) mirror in the bedroom in the eighteen seconds I have spare in the morning. Lately, the photos have featured tired eyes, WTF eyebrows and a general air of “i will brush my hair when I’m good and ready”. Instagram can keep those photos, as far as I’m concerned.

aaaanyhoo. Must go. Toddler is awake and I’ve promised him chocolate buttons in return for not touching my sewing things. We both accept that I am the naive one in this arrangement…


Yo, I’ve hit instagram like a cool thing

achingly hip, on the button of social media trending, I’ve finally succumbed to instagram. I know. Now I can not blog on more than one media platform! I’m in the vanguard of sewing and blogging and whatnot.

who am I on there? I am genuinely trying to figure that out…

no, clearly in an attempt to brand myself (but really, to keep it simple) you can find me @knittysewandsew   there.

Follow me! Comment! Watch as I become slightly obsessed with posting lots and lots of poor quality photos of fabric on my kitchen floor, and then watch as my short lived passion fizzles out and I lose interest. It’ll be fun while it lasts!